5 Best Road Trip Ideas to Explore Scottish Routes This Winter

With breathtaking wildlife and dazzling landscapes, Scotland can make all your campervan road trips memorable and fun. Why not make the most of the upcoming holiday season, and leave everything aside and hit the Scottish routes to enjoy some much-needed time away?  But where should you go? To minimise the struggle of choosing the right option for your next road trip, we have shortlisted five popular Scottish routes that will give you countless memories to take home.


The Outer Hebrides

The moment you take the single-track road running down to this fantastic island chain, you’ll find yourself in a different world. It’s considered one of the most outstanding routes in Britain for road trips with your family and loved ones.

As the journey begins, you’ll find many eye-catching views, endless beaches, fantastic wildlife, places speaking of ancient history and some of the finest food joints in the country.

Scotland is home to some hidden gems. Take a look around and experience the natural beauty you’ve likely been overlooking all this time.

Given the natural sites and surroundings, driving in a personal car or campervan is the best  way to take in the sights. Take a bicycle too and enjoy long rides by the seaside in the utmost peaceful environment.


Fort William to Mallaig

The Glenfinnan viaduct is most famous for its appearance in the Harry Potter films.

This railway is located right at the top of Loch Shiel in the West Highlands of Scotland. When you choose to travel from Fort William to Mallaig, take the A830 and stop off at this mesmerising location to experience the magic for yourself.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll see the Hogwarts Express during its annual trip to the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry, we can promise heart-stopping natural views that will stay with you for a long time — and that you won’t run into any dementors.


Road to the Isles

You can’t think of exploring the best Scottish routes without taking into consideration the A830, or the so-called road to the Isles. In addition to passing through Glenfinnan, this 47-mile long Highland road is also full of gigantic mountains, lochs, islands and staggering landscapes.

The route starts at the foot of Ben Nevis and spans mountains and sea lochs before heading to the coastline, where you’ll experience striking views. Here you can either take a boat trip out to the islands, explore the Isle of Rum — a national reserve — or simply relax.

Going forward, you can take the old coastal road in the north past the River Morar and spend some time amid the serene waters and beaches before arriving at Mallaig — the primary ferry port for Skye.


Ullapool to Durness

This 67-mile long route starts on the A835 and passes through some of the quietest, wildest and most spectacular surroundings that Scotland has to offer.

During your trip, which will take just under two hours, you’ll get to experience the crisp coast, epic mountains and pretty lochs, each telling you a unique story about this great country and how it withstood countless attacks over hundreds of years to keep its historical and natural beauty intact.

Don’t forget to check out Ardvreck Castle in the middle of Kyle of Durness, Scourie and Loch Assynt before reaching the finishing line.


Ayr to Turnberry  

If you’re interested in the arts, then you won’t want to give this route a miss. As you begin your trip from Ayr and move South on the A719, you’ll find the birthplace of Robert Burns, one of the most famous Scottish lyricists and poets. Spend some time here before getting back on the road towards Croy — or Electric — Brae, a gravity hill famous for its optical illusion, where stationary vehicles appear to travel uphill as if pulled by some magnetic force.

The next stop on your way is Culzean Castle and Country Park, well-known as General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s apartment, which he occupied on several occasions, including during his presidency. You can finish the journey at Turnberry and enjoy the championship golf course followed by an evening sipping your favourite wine at the beach.

A remarkable route, you’ll undoubtedly take home scores of beautiful and cherished memories. For the best-in-class experience, you should drive your own car or hire a campervan, which will be fully equipped with everything you need for the trip of a lifetime.

Are you looking to take a trip throughout Scotland this winter? Get in touch with us with your custom requirements and we’ll help you create the best road trip experience.